Please complete the following forms to enroll your child at Hilton Montessori:
1. The Application form
2. The Health form
3. Policy Document

Click here to Download the Application Form

Please include the following fees:
1. The Application Fee – R400
This is paid when submitting the Application, Health and Policy forms.
2. Entrance Deposit – equivalent to one month’s fee.
This is paid on acceptance. It is refundable if the child has completed their 3 year cycle.

For families who enroll siblings for 5 days per week; we offer a 10% discount on the second sibling’s fees and a 5 % discount for second sibling’s fees enrolled on a part-time basis.
Occasional expenses may be added to cover outings or events.

We require one term’s written notice in the event that your child must withdraw from Hilton Montessori.
The Entrance deposit will only be refunded if the child has completed their 3 year cycle.

Please take note:

Communication Policy Our primary mode of communication with parents/guardians is via email and our WhatsApp groups and broadcasts. You will be sent emails on a group list periodically; updating you on all the many and varied events at the school. There are also WhatsApp groups for each class where short term notices will be posted.

“We look forward to working with you and your children and hope we can join you in growing them to their full potential."